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American Ninja Warrior 2 Starts Dec 8th

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

American Ninja Warrior 2 will begin airing on G4 on Wednesday December 8th.  Unlike last year where I believe they did a marathon and showed all the episodes back-to-back over the weekend, I think this year they will show a couple of episodes each Wednesday night for a couple of months.  There is more good American Ninja Warrior content this year as they have added a bunch of hours (technical programming term) with an expanded format.  I think the first few episodes will cover the insane opening round at Venice Beach where 200-300 competitors took their shot at the great 6 obstacle course they put together.  The next few episodes will show the semifinals where the top 30 competitors with the best times run an expanded 8 obstacle course hoping to make the top 15 finalists.  These top 15 finalists (next group of episodes) then move into a house Big Brother and Ultimate Fighter style to live together and compete against each over a week for the coveted 10 spots on Team America that would go to Japan to compete in the next Ninja Warrior competition (Sasuke 26).  Obviously the last few episodes is this team of 10 and how the do in Japan.  Should be great…can’t wait to see it all!  Set your calendars!

G4 Dropped from DirectTV

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Unfortunately at the beginning of November DirectTV decided to not renew its contract with G4, the channel that brings us both Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior.  Fortunately G4 is still carried on all the other major satellite and cable companies (G4 is actually owned by Comcast), but losing DirectTV for distribution can’t be a good thing for either G4 or American Ninja Warrior.  Hopefully interest on the other satellite and cable providers will be super-strong for American Ninja Warrior 2 when it starts its run on December 8th, and G4 commits to American Ninja Warrior 3 in 2011 (I’m already training!).

If you are a DirectTV member like me, and want to have your voice heard, you can call to complain at 1-888-9-WeAreG4.  You can also join the Facebook page Bring Back G4 on DirectTV.