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American Ninja Warrior Airs Tonight!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

The new American Ninja Warrior airs tonight on G4 with 3 one-hour back-to-back-to-back episodes that should cover the opening round and the semifinals that went down in Venice Beach back in August (check your local listings for the exact time this evening, it varies). G4 has really put a lot of production and marketing muscle behind this second season of American Ninja Warrior, and is really hoping that it captures audiences’ hearts and imagination and it becomes a lead brand for their channel. Tune in to check it out, and be sure to let your friends know if you enjoy it (G4 will undoubtedly be re-airing it often).

Competing in American Ninja Warrior this summer was a great thrill, and I’m more than curious to see if my run is featured in the show. Not so much for the vanity of seeing myself on TV, which I’m sure would be kinda cool and make my kids happy, but more because I think whether they show me or not will be a strong indicator of whether I get to go back to compete next year. If they show me, then they like my “character” (39 year old plus-sized father-of-three) and would most likely accept me back next year. If they don’t show me, then they’ve probably passed on my “character” and might not be so interested in having me compete again, which would be a huge bummer. Plus, I’ll kinda look like an ass for having talked about it so much and then not even make the show 😉 And I’m not ready to give up on the dream!

American Ninja Warrior in USA Today & Maxim

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

G4 is putting some serious marketing muscle behind trying to develop the American Ninja Warrior brand. Ninja Warrior is its highest-rated show, and it appears they want to make American Ninja Warrior a new flagship property. There is an article in today’s USA Today talking about it, and there is also a very cool 2-page ad in this week’s Maxim for ANW. Somebody also noted that it’s a featured ad on XBox Live, so all you gamers out there on XBox might see it. G4 obviously knows its audience for ANW…gamers and Maxim readers. Males 15-45 unite!

American Ninja Warrior 2 This Wednesday!

Monday, December 6th, 2010

After months of waiting, the new American Ninja Warrior will air this Wednesday, December 8th, on G4 at 8 pm Eastern. It has been confirmed that G4 will show 3 one-hour episodes back-to-back-to-back covering all the activities that went down in Venice Beach. I can only deduce that means everything from the opening round where about 250 people ran the course, including myself, during that awesome public “festival” on Saturday and Sunday. I also assume this means they’ll show the semi-finals of the top 30 runners from the opening round that happened on Monday in Venice Beach on a closed set. All in all, it should be 3 hours of American Ninja Warrior goodness.

I think there is a pretty good chance they’ll show my run…my kids would love to see it! In any case, watching it I’m sure will bring back the adrenaline and amazing camaraderie of that experience, and I look forward to seeing my friends compete (even though I was there, I missed some of their runs). I also look forward to being able to talk and blog in more detail about my experience, it’s been hard to operate under the Cone of Silence of their non-disclosure agreement these past few months.

I guess the following week, if I am right about the above breakdown, the show should cover the 15 finalists who performed the best in the semi-finals and their experience living in the training house for a week together Big-Brother-style where they competed against each other for the coveted 10 spots to go on Team America and compete in the legendary Ninja Warrior in Japan (Sasuke 26) against all our favorite Ninja Warrior competitors. Then maybe the week after that they show the top 10 competitors in Japan, but I’m not sure about that…maybe they will lump that into next week. But in any case, set your DVRs!