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ANW 3 Date and Location News Coming Soon?

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The Ninja Warrior Facebook account just released a teaser that the dates and location of ANW3 have been decided, which would be substantially earlier than they nailed everything down for ANW2. Here is what they said:

“TGIF! We finally got confirmation this week for the dates & location of American Ninja Warrior tryouts so check for an announcement on Attack of the Show next week. Hint: Better get going on those submission videos now… Only on G4TV!”

Also in the comments section they say “Again, unofficially – the event itself may be SOONER THAN YOU THINK! So get going!”

Since last year the event was in August, and you had until sometime in June to get in your video, it looks like the timetable is moved up this year. A June competition slot? Video submissions in by the end of April? Who knows, but unless they are playing a nasty April Fool’s Day joke (doubt it), the timetable is definitely earlier for both key dates.

Yikes! In my mind I was preparing for it to be pretty much on the same schedule. I was going to start filming for my video today anyway, but maybe I’ll try to power through all the shots in the next week so I can get my video in before the rush that the news release next week will generate.