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American Ninja Warrior 4 Compilation Season Schedule

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

The first episode of the “American Ninja Warrior 4 Compilation” series to air on NBC on Saturday nights from 8-9 pm Eastern will be a recap of “some of the best scenes” from the Southwest region. I assume this means both the opening regional round as well as the regional finals. This is in line with my expectations that of the 8 one-hour episodes of this “season”, the first 6 will be one-hour treatments of each region, and then the last 2 one-hour episodes will cover the National Finals in Las Vegas.

The February 9th episode will cover the Northeast region.

The February 16th episode will cover the Southeast Region. I don’t have visibility for later episodes. If you learn the schedule per the regions beyond that, please let me know and I will re-post it!

Airing Schedule
Feb 2nd – Southwest Region
Feb 9th – Northeast Region
Feb 16th – Southeast Region
Feb 23rd – ?
March 2nd – ?
March 9th – ?
March 16th – National Finals in Las Vegas
March 23rd – National Finals in Las Vegas

I’ll also say more broadly that the fact NBC is doing this compilation season is a great signal about their commitment to the franchise. This will build a bigger audience for the show in advance of American Ninja Warrior 5 to air the summer of 2013, and most likely is secondarily being done to drum up more competitors to compete in American Ninja Warrior 5 that is likely to go down in late March and April this year.

New American Ninja Warrior 4 Compilation Episodes to Air in February on NBC

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. The ninja world is still buzzing from the recent confirmation by NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt that they will air American Ninja Warrior 5 this summer, and now this unexpected bomb. Admittedly, this comes from one single source (, which is a fairly reliable source, so I have yet to “double-confirm” this, but I’m just a blogger so I’m going to post it anyway! [NOTE: This has now been confirmed by multiple sources]

Supposedly, allegedly, NBC is going to invest further in the American Ninja Warrior franchise by airing 8 new 1-hour compilation episodes of last season’s American Ninja Warrior 4 – including some tantalizing “never-before-seen-footage” – on Saturday nights at 8:00/7:00c beginning February 2nd. These episodes will be distilled from the 27 hours of episodes that composed ANW4 (13 on G4, 14 on NBC). Set your DVRs ninja bitches!

NBC Entertainment Chairman Confirms ANW5 this Summer

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt confirmed during the TCA Winter Press Tour that the network will air season 5 of American Ninja Warrior this summer. The nine episodes of American Ninja Warrior 4 that NBC aired in the summer of 2012 averaged a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.11 million viewers, helping NBC routinely win the ratings war on Monday night combined with America’s Got Talent. While ANW4′ ratings weren’t great, the production costs were fairly low and NBC is committed to the show for another season. While rumors and various statements concerning American Ninja Warrior 5 being renewed for this summer have been out there for a while, having a clear statement from NBC’s Entertainment Chairman about it definitely being on the schedule is big news for American Ninja Warrior fans.

No word was given about the structure itself of the show, and whether the partnership with G4 would continue. Fans and competitors will remember from American Ninja Warrior 4 that the Regional opening rounds were aired on G4 on Sunday nights, and the Regional Final rounds were aired the next night on NBC. Then the National Final episodes were all aired on NBC.