A Pound a Week

It’s been 7 weeks since I started this blog, and since I weighed myself and unhappily discovered that my weight had crept up to 227 lbs.  With so many of the obstacles in Ninja Warrior tests of relative upper body strength, I quickly determined that in order to be competitive one of the key pillars of my training program had to be some basic weight reduction.  Although I know at this point I’ll never be the light rangy athlete some of these free-runners are, who are amazing combinations of coordination, sinew, and strength, I figured that if I could drop 10% of my body weight to get down to about 204 I’d have accomplished something.  That said, I wanted to lose weight within the framework of my overall training goals of increasing strength and cardio, so was/am not willing to do any crash fad diet with the sole goal of weight loss.  I’d rather be a hearty 220 lbs and feeling strong than down to 200 lbs but light-headed from effort because I starved myself.

That leadin paragraph above I suppose is partly my justification for dropping weight over these last 7 weeks at a slower rate than necessary to achieve my goal.  Even though I’ve significantly improved my diet, lowered my caloric intake, and have increased my cardio training, I’ve only dropped to 220 lbs.  Just a pound a week.  With the competition in early August, about 9 weeks away, if I continue this rate I’d only get to 211 lbs.  That would be pretty good I guess, better than nothing, but I’d still feel that somehow I’d failed in one of my key training goals.  I do feel slimmer and fitter though, so I suppose that’s the true metric, but since I was specific enough to put out the goal of a 10% weight loss, I do feel some competitive drive to hit it.

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  • Sean Morris

    Hey, keep it up. Just keep training at body weight exercises, climbing especially. I was on American Ninja warrior last year and made it to the 3rd stage in LA. And you’d be surprised how many guys who looked like they could bench press a car took a dive on the first obstacles.

    All the best, Sean M.