American Ninja Warrior 2 Marathon on Syfy

Just found out that the Syfy channel is going to have a marathon and show all 10 episodes of American Ninja Warrior 2 (which originally aired this past December) this Thursday, June 16th.  For those of us on DirectTV that didn’t get to watch this past season since DirectTV dropped G4, this is a great chance to get to see this competition with a lot of phenomenal performances and competitive drama.  Syfy is part of the Comcast/NBC group, the owner of G4 and American Ninja Warrior, so this is another example of how the synergy of that recent marriage is providing this silly little obstacle course competition that we all love much more exposure (remember that the finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 will be aired on NBC in early fall).

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  • Joe Blasi

    Sign that g4 is dieing and syfy may just be a holding ground for some of the g4 shows. Ninja Warrior is a better fit for VS 2.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know…I don’t see any evidence that G4 is dying, although getting dropped by DirectTV last fall was obviously a hit, but that had more to do with gamesmanship between DirectTV and Comcast than anything else.  I just saw that G4 is coming out with a new Marvel Anime series, so I think that is a positive indicator that G4 is still alive and kicking (Marvel famously charges a ton for licensing deals, so this is a real investment by G4).