American Ninja Warrior 5 Dates and Locations

Looks like the dates and locations of the four cities that will host American Ninja Warrior 5 (leading up to the National Finals) have been released.

April 5 & 6 – Venice Beach
April 19 & 20 – Baltimore
May 4 & 5 – Miami
May 19 & 20 – Denver

I believe they have begun notifying folks for Venice Beach, and will be notifying folks for other cities probably 2-3 weeks before the actual competition. They have also confirmed that there will be walkon spots this year as well.

  • Brian Boling

    I hereby cede my title of master ninja knitter to Kelvin Antoine.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Kelvin is the man, if I remember correctly he broke some big news last year too.

  • Brandon Willis

    Great post Matt. Thanks for the info

  • Glenn

    If they don’t give me an invite, does anyone know if you can walk-on at Venice? If so, when should one get to Venice to try to get a walk-on spot?

  • Brian Boling

    Like that one time he told everyone he was over 50, and no one believed him? :)

  • Brian Boling

    Casting’s confirmed they’re doing walk-ons, but I have no idea how many spots will be open. With the doubling up of some regions, I don’t see there being very many. This is my first year, so I’ve never been to Venice; can’t tell you when you should show up, but I can just forward advice from others that have said “as early as possible.”

  • Adrian C. Randall

    I am very stoke because they were no announcement on there Facebook page about Venice Beach before a day or two. I am walk on again.

  • Glenn

    Thanks for the info, Brian (and Matt). But I just got the call this morning! I’m in, baby!!

  • Brian Boling


    (I should have asked you beforehand to tell them to be sure to call me and Matt! :) )

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Have fun in Venice, it’s a great scene to compete in.

  • Matthew Puntin

    Thanks much for the info! I planning on going to Baltimore.

  • John

    They didn’t call yet from California people. I was taking with the casting company and they said this week is calling

  • JosiahS

    This looks good; I am quite excited. I sent in a submission, but have not heard back yet. Unfortunately, 2-3 weeks notice isn’t a long time if one needs to rearrange schedules/buy airline tickets/ book hotels/ ect. Is there a reason the production is on such short notice?

  • Brian Boling

    Before I forget about it, how do they usually handle the tickets for spots in the seating? Also a father-of-three here (includes a pair of 15 month-old twins), so I’ll need some spots for the family.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Brian. I’d try to book tickets here.

  • Anonymous

    They’ve called some people already, but I believe they are still calling.

  • Rob Logan

    Thanks Matt, I appreciate you keeping us informed!
    Just wish the phone would ring (Northeast)…

  • Shoeless

    Why so late on this post?? It appears they released the dates last year.

  • Anonymous

    That FAQ you reference has been up since last year, but the dates and locations for this year’s ANW5 were only updated there last week. Trust me, this blog was posted on the same day that they released the location and date information publicly 😉

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  • Kevin J

    Sure wish I’d get a call for Denver tryouts. I worked too hard to not get called. Does anyone know if they’re done calling for Denver contestants? Thanks.