American Ninja Warrior 5 Premieres – Venice on Deck

The American Ninja Warrior 5 season premieres tonight, and kicks off the summer schedule. The airing format for this season is both sorta the same and slightly different from last season. What’s the same is that G4 and NBC will be sharing the show again, with G4 airing an episode on Sunday night and NBC airing an episode on Monday night, both in primetime. What’s different about this season is that G4 and NBC will each present a different edited version of the same region/round in a given Sunday-Monday episode pairing on back-to-back days.

This season there are only 4 regions, each representing different geographic coverage: Venice, Baltimore, Miami, and Denver. The opening regional round of Venice airs tonight on G4 and tomorrow night on NBC, and hosts some of the best known American Ninja Warrior competitors like David Campbell, James McGrath, and Brent Steffenson among others. It also hosts a few of the lesser-known American Ninja Warrior veterans who fellow competitors know have the goods, and are a threat for a breakout performance this season, like Paul Darnell and Brian Kretsch.

Next week’s coverage will be of the Baltimore region, where yours truly competed. Set your DVRs for this season!

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