American Ninja Warrior 5 Tryout Information

It’s finally out! Information about when American Ninja Warrior 5 might be held, and how to apply to be accepted to compete. You can go to this casting information page which holds the rather lengthy submission form, as well as provides the information you need about getting your tryout video together.

Here are the most salient details:
– Window for submitting your tryout video and application is February 1st until March 15th.
– Your submission video must be 5-8 minutes in length. This is a change from previous years when 5 minutes was the max.
– The regional rounds (opening round and regional finals) will take place “in April and May, 2013” with “specific locations, dates and times TBD.”
– The national finals in Las Vegas will take place June 10-17, 2013.
– And, of course, everything is “subject to change.”

  • Brian Boling

    Bit of a typo here. The regional rounds should be in “April and May, 2013.”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Brian.  I’ve updated!

  • Brian Boling

     You’re welcome!