American Ninja Warrior Competitor – Chris Okruhlik

Chris Okruhlik, or more commonly known as Chris O, does a great interview for us talking about his experiences training for and competing in the world’s toughest obstacle course competition. Chris O competed in ANW2 and this season’s ANW4 in the South-Central region which airs this Sunday and Monday. He was shown in American Ninja Warrior 2 running in his trademark sleeveless tuxedo shirt, and will hopefully be shown in this season’s South-Central episodes.

Chris has a ton of heart, and is known in the competitor community for his enthusiasm and the strong support he gives his ninja brethren. I can attest to this personally…when I was battling for a spot in this season’s American Ninja Warrior I know Chris was working behind-the-scenes as a guaranteed invite to highlight that they needed to let me run!

So enjoy his story, and remember to root Chris O on every time he steps on the course!


  • jen

    my boyfriend and I are watching you shred the course in Dallas, tx. you did good! keep it up!

  • Jacob Pelletier

    Hey American ninja warrior I am only 12 years old and I am a big fan so I think because a bunch of kids are very athletic that you should make a kid American ninja warrior.

  • Anonymous

    Right on, I’d love to see a kid American Ninja Warrior!  My kids would love to compete in them.  You’d have to age group them, but it would be pretty cool.

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