American Ninja Warrior Profile – Brian Kretsch

Good buddy and all-around ninja stud Brian Kretsch took some time to answer some questions from me about his experience training for and competing in American Ninja Warrior. Brian has competed in all four American Ninja Warrior competitions, and is a founding member of “Team Butter” out of Northern California with other well-known ninja warrior stars like David Campbell and Travis Furlanic. Along with David and Travis he also helped build the famous Death Sasuke course (RIP) where they have generously hosted fellow competitors to train over the years (I was there a month ago myself for Warped Wall training!).

On a personal note Brian has always been a great friend and supporter of mine in my unlikely ninja aspirations, so not only is he one of the top 20 competitors in my unbiased assessment, but he’s also one of the guys I root hardest for. Brian has a Facebook fan page, so go like him!

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