American Ninja Warrior Profile – Ryoga Vee

In another in our growing series of competitor video interviews, we have the one-and-only Ryoga Vee! Ryoga has competed in every American Ninja Warrior, and I think has been shown in every season of ANW, and brings his own unique passion and flair to the event. Ryoga is a very accomplished parkour practitioner and a legitimate longtime underground fight club participant, and is one of the best known competitors in American Ninja Warrior.

Some people, particularly the introverts of the world, might not know what to make of Ryoga’s enthusiastic costumed approach to competing, but I will tell you this – Ryoga is authentically being himself, he has a joy and sincerity to his approach to American Ninja Warrior and to life that I admire and that we should all applaud. Plus, he has some great stories and insights in this video, so be sure to check it out and root him on!