ANW3 Finale to Air on NBC on August 22

NBC announced it will air the season finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 on Aug 22nd in primetime. Sort of curious since I don’t think the ten American finalists from ANW3 have even competed in Sasuke yet!  I doubt that NBC would publicly slot it in there if they weren’t confident that the next Sasuke would be filmed and produced prior to that date.  But then again, what the hell do I know?

Anyway, G4 starts their airing of the series on July 31st, so set your DVRs.  Or in the case of those on DirectTV, ask your friends to set their DVRs so you can go over to their houses and watch it.  I think this is good news for the prospect of American Ninja Warrior 4 happening in 2011…if NBC likes the numbers of the season finale, it may push for ANW4 to happen sooner rather than later, and they’ll have plenty of time to coordinate a fall (Oct or Nov) ANW4 to happen in order to make the next Sasuke that will probably happen in the beginning of 2012.  All this would mean that ANW4 would air sometime in late winter or early spring.