Boot Camp Most Memorable Moment

With over 300 votes in our Boot Camp – Love It or Hate It? poll, the whole Boot Camp concept in American Ninja Warrior is one of fierce debate. Now that we have seen all of the Boot Camp, what was the most memorable moment of the whole thing for you? This could be a “defining moment” of Boot Camp or just a funny or insightful glimpse into the competition or a competitor. I’m curious to hear what people thought was the “Most Memorable Moment of Boot Camp”!


  • pkfrfax

    Boot camp was fine as a whole, i think it was helpful, giving everyone a little more practice on some of the obstacles. I thought the carrying stuff from one obstacle to another was silly though. Most memorable moment was how hard patrick sucked on that last episode. It’s not right i say!

  • Markuroseva

    I do agree with pkfrfax about Patrick but i think everyone needs to keep in mind his point, he was pretty skilled on the obstacles, never the less he should have owned up to and taken responsibility for his mistakes. It pisses me off because someone else could of done better in Japan than him. Well anyway congrats Matt for making it as far as you did.

  • Abq

    From: terri cusic
    Subject: Re: Thanks
    To: “ray…”
    Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 6:51 PM

    that is who I am… I do feel your pain, I feel the ache… I feel the desire and feel responsible… I should have said no… but I like you was looking for an escape. I realistically know that we cannot change where we are right now without creating so much hurt,pain.And as a result we are both hurting.
    I adore you, wish there was more of my time I could give to you as I so enjoy being with you…..
    Ray if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have called… please know that

  • APW

    This is my first time watching this show and I was ok with the boot camp thing. I have to be honest and say the only thing I didn’t like was the voting system. Mainly because people like Patrick can get away with going to Japan, when it was clear that he shouldn’t have. Both Adam LaPlante and Rich King clearly deserved to be there more. And that’s the reason he was crying, because he knew he couldn’t make it up the ropes. He tried and failed. He needs to grow up. Just cause it’s been his dream for 5 years, he’s still only 21. Which, okay age doesn’t mean everything but in this case it showed that he has not matured enough to take the responsibility he needed to and climb the rope. Evan saved him this time around, but a more honest team would have voted him in regardless of his tears and skid marked undies.

    So perhaps some judges to vote in players based on performance throughout challenges would be better since teammates voting in teammates obviously leaves room for undeserved slots to be filled. Just my two cents. Otherwise, great show!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, I appreciate that. In the scope of watching the whole show, it doesn’t feel like I got too far! But just getting accepted and making it to the Spider Wall on my busted ankle sort of felt like an accomplishment (at least in the moment!).

    I agree with your comments too. What will be unfortunately lost is that Patrick is in general is a very skilled competitor and has huge potential, but there is no crying in Ninja Warrior, and it really should be entirely a merit-based system on who gets to advance.

  • Jordan43241

    I agree that Adam deserved to be there

  • Drg43

    I missed the last episode of boot camp that was on today. Where online can I watch it.

  • Winter Isis Berazan

     I guess I must have been watching a re-run of the boot camp show, and I liked it, but honestly, right from the start, I did not agree with the teams ‘voting’ who should climb the ropes of heaven.  And in the final I think all the remaining competitors should have run the entire course–including heavenly ropes–and the ones with the shortest time should have gone to Japan.  Just because we can afford to send 10 should not mean that we have to send 10–especially if one or more of those 10 do not have what it takes to achieve total victory.