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I’m Officially Invited to American Ninja Warrior 8!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

I’m truly excited and humbled to share that I just got my official invite to compete in American Ninja Warrior 8!  I’m deeply grateful to have an opportunity to continue to compete in the show, it’s been a surprisingly amazing and transformative experience.  This will be my seventh season competing in American Ninja Warrior, and I never could have guessed that during that time it would rise from being an unknown show on G4 to a global sensation.  It has captured the imagination of not just America, but of the world.  It’s consistently been one of the top-rated summer shows in the US over the last few years, and the past few weeks have seen both Ninja Warrior Vietnam and Ninja Warrior France go down.  Who would have guessed an obstacle course competition full of the “every man (and woman)” competing against elite professional athletes would resonate so profoundly with so many people?  I feel so lucky to get to continue to be part of this journey.

I’ll be competing this year in the Oklahoma City region, which is one of the five regions for this season, along with about 100 other invited competitors (another 15-20 “walk-ons” will join us to compete after waiting in line for days).  The competition will start on Friday May 13th for the OK City Qualifying round, and then the top 30 competitors will advance to the OK City Finals the next night to determine the top 15 ninjas that will advance to the National Finals in Vegas sometime in June.  Twice in the last four seasons I’ve made the Regional Finals only to fall just short of progressing to the National Finals, so my goal is clear – make the National Finals for the first time.  I feel good about fulfilling my American Ninja Warrior 8 Pledge to be better prepared for this season than I have been for any previous season, I feel healthy and without injury for the first time in several years.  No excuses.

Thank you everybody for your continued support and enthusiasm, it means a lot.  I used to think that folks would think less of me and that I was nuts for my pursuit to be one of the top obstacle course runners in America even as I fully entered middle-age (will turn 45 shortly), but I’ve had the opposite experience, I have been deeply touched by the encouragement and love I’ve received on this journey.  Thank you, and I can’t wait to get on that course!

On Like Donkey Kong – American Ninja Warrior 7

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

So excited!  Just got my official invite to compete in American Ninja Warrior 7!  I’m truly honored and humbled to get another chance to have this amazing experience.  For a middle-aged dad who spends most of his time either humping his corporate job to provide for his family or trying to be an engaged fun dad for his three incredible and active little boys, I really appreciate having this insane experience once a year pretending to be a ninja and testing myself against some ridiculous obstacles on an adrenaline-soaked stage .  And being part of the amazing ninja community with its diverse, passionate, and supportive members has given me a lot of wonderful friends that simply like to play and have fun.  I’m deeply appreciative of these things, and when I step on the course in Houston in just four short weeks for my 6th straight season I’ll feel that gratitude as I push myself to go further than ever before.

Donkey Kong

American Ninja Warrior 6, Here I Come!

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

To my elation, I just received a call from American Ninja Warrior that they are inviting me back to compete in my fifth season.  No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you’re fine with whatever the outcome, when the calls start going out extending invites to your region, you get wildly nervous and anxious, and you remember how BADLY you want to compete.  So when I heard over the weekend that the calls started to go out inviting the roughly 100 competitors that will compete in the Dallas region in 3 weeks, I got increasingly anxious as the hours passed and no call came.

But then today it did come, and I was reminded of the childlike joy of getting what you really really wanted for Christmas.  In 3 weeks I’ll be headed to Dallas, the site of my most successful American Ninja Warrior season and of the moment that most torments me (narrowly missing the Warped Wall in the regional finals by a couple of inches and probably advancing to the National Finals), and will be seeking my redemption.  Just a few hour drive from Austin, my hometown, I’ll be bringing my three little boys to watch me for the first time, as well as inviting other family members to come.  In the past my boys were too young to really behave and understand the competition, but now at ages 8, 6, and 4 I think they’ll at least understand the event and appreciate that their daddy is competing in something so cool.  I’m hoping it will be a memory that they carry with them forever, and later in their life will feel emboldened by it to follow their dreams and dare to try for something that matters to them.

I continue to feel so lucky to be part of this competition and community of competitors, and feel blessed to get another opportunity to steep in both in just a few short weeks!  Wish me luck :-)

My American Ninja Warrior 5 Submission Video

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

With us in “quiet time” before the airing of American Ninja Warrior 5 this summer, which starts in just a few weeks, I’m hamstrung in terms of what I can write about under the non-disclosure agreement. So I’m just going to put my submission video for ANW5 up again.

They specifically told us to “tell our story” and not just show action scenes, so that’s the reason why this might seem a bit verbose. I’ve tried to still show some good action clips to demonstrate that I still have some real obstacle course chops despite my advancing age 😉

American Ninja Warrior 5, Here I Come!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Hallelujah! Just got my call from casting that I officially have an invite to compete in American Ninja Warrior 5! It goes down in 10 days in Baltimore, one of the four cities hosting the regional action this season. Already have my plane ticket, and will be flying in next Thursday for the competition Friday night at Rash Field in Baltimore right next to the Inner Harbor. Looking forward to seeing my fellow ninjas there, and am deeply honored and excited to have a chance to step to the line once again! I never take that opportunity for granted. Thank you to everybody for your support and friendship.