Got My Invite to Compete in American Ninja Warrior 3

After a long stretch of anxiety wondering whether I’d get an invitation to compete in American Ninja Warrior 3 that’s going down in just 6 short days, I finally got my  invitation today!  I’m ecstatic!  Words can’t express how giddy I am to have gotten my slot to run after so much uncertainty the last few weeks.  Yes, it is just a silly obstacle course competition, but STFU I love it!

I fly out with my good buddy Ron, who also got an invite today, on Sunday afternoon and will bunk down just a half mile from the course at Venice Beach at a cool old art deco hotel (the Cadillac Hotel).  Then Monday and Tuesday will be the opening rounds (I requested a Tuesday run slot but will obviously take whatever they give me), and then the top 30 times from the opening round will advance to the semi-finals on Wednesday.  From the 30 semi-finalists only 15 finalists will advance to the boot camp section to pick out the 10 strongest competitors to go to Ninja Warrior in Japan to compete.  Anyway, just elated to have gotten my golden ticket to compete!