Great Show, Great Production!

Congrats to G4 for putting together a great opening night show of 3 solid hours covering the opening round in Venice Beach. The production quality was high, the commentary insightful, and you did a great job capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the event. Quite a number of friends of mine who had never watched Ninja Warrior before said they were surprised at how engaging they found 3 solid hours of people running the same obstacle course! Even the marketing beforehand was high quality and very targeted (Maxim, USA Today, Howard Stern show, XBox Live). Great job.

Of course, my own run at American Ninja Warrior ended up on the cutting room floor. I ain’t even mad. My mommy still says I’m handsome.


  • Anonymous

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  • Carl92106

    I’m sorry, but compared to the course in Japan, this was childish. Way too short, way too easy, and way too many people who finished it. If Ninja Warrior was left up to us pussy Americans, there’d be an entire university who who’d’ve accomplished total victory. Sad, and a complete waste of time.