In Need of a Miracle…

With the event just a few short days away, I’m still waiting on an invite to go run regionals in Dallas that go down Wednesday and Thursday of this upcoming week. It seems like most of the invites, if not all, have already been handed out, and pretty much every ninja I know that applied has already secured their invite. I’m wondering if there is something they don’t like about me :-( I’d think that a 40 year old middle-aged dad who is competitive would be more interesting to the viewers than another twenty-something year old parkour instructor of which they already have a few hundred (no offense to my many twenty-something year old parkour instructor friends who I love!).

I don’t really know, but I am very disheartened that I haven’t gotten an invite and I’m halfway to Dallas with the entire family in tow on the Roadtrip-from-Hell so I can have my adorable three little boys sit in the stands and watch their dad compete in their favorite TV show. Gonna feel like a big fool if I spend a few thousand dollars and a week-and-a-half on this family trip centered around my kids watching me compete in Dallas and I don’t get in.

I think at this point I need a miracle to get a spot.

  • Josh Isaac Kronberg

    I definitely feel like you deserve a spot, and I hope they fit you in.

  • Dave

    I hope you get a spot.  But have you ever wondered if they are not letting you on because you took their domain name and they are pissed?  You should try to barter it for a spot.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dave.  I was wondering the same thing.  Production on the ground at the event always seems to think it is cool that I have the domain, but I don’t know what the big wig producers behind the scenes think.  No word one way or another.  I successfully walked on in Dallas, so it didn’t stop that.  I’m totally fine with no publicity or on-air mention of this blog, so they don’t need to be concerned that I’m trying to create my own publicity from competing in ANW…I really have this blog purely as a platform for me to get to compete, and receive no money from it.  But like you I was definitely wondering whether owning the domain was a hindrance to getting a guaranteed invite for this year…but no confirmation one way or another.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your support dude, it was great getting to hang with you at the event and compete together in Dallas!