Man Down

My good buddy and longtime Ninja Warrior training partner Ron Friedman unfortunately got his first significant injury in all our years of training when he fractured his foot in parkour class this past week.  He tried an ill-advised front flip off a rickety stack of pads and landed awkwardly on his foot, resulting in an avulsion fracture that fragmented a piece of his bone off his foot.  Ouch.  He’s been resting up, keeping it elevated and icing it periodically, but his foot still looks like something that floated up on the beach after several days at sea.  All freakishly discolored and swollen.  Big fat bummer.  But ninjas are bound to periodically hurt themselves training to the extreme of their abilities, so this is part of the package I presume when one trains to pretend to be a ninja and run around on obstacle courses.  Get better soon Ron!  Click “Like” to channel some healing energy his way!

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