National Finalists in American Ninja Warrior 4

Here is a list of the 90 national finalists in American Ninja Warrior 4 who advanced to Las Vegas to compete on the Mt. Midoriyama replica uber-course that was built there. There will be 10 wildcards added to these 90 competitors to make an even 100 runners, which is the traditional number that competed in the original Ninja Warrior Japan (Sasuke) for many years. The identity of these wildcards will be revealed when the show airs.

15 finalists from each of the 6 regions (listed below in order of finish) fought their way through their respective regional rounds and then the regional finals to advance to the first finals of American Ninja Warrior held in the US. Mad props to all these competitors, and hit LIKE to applaud them and share this list to spread the word of their awesomeness!

Evan Dollard
Jesse La Flair
Kole Stevens
Remi Bakkar
Brent Steffenson
Chad Simpson
Derek Nakamoto
Dorian Cedars
Dan Mast
Paul Darnell
Sedderick Bassett
Ryan Thompson
Dylan Curry
Ronnie Shalvis Jr
Michael “Frosti” Zernow

Matthew Derouen
Andrew Karsen
Jack Morgan
Stephen Volcko
Arthur Skov
Michael Silenzi
Nick ‘Lovin’ Stephforn
Johnathan Morin
Scott Robinson
Will Dodd
Joshua Grant
Andrew Lowes
Nate Aye
Nick Kostner
Cade Halada

Tim Shieff
Luis Moco
Dan Galiczynski
Chris Wilczewski
Elet Hall
Travis Graves
Jesse Villareal
Christopher DiGangi
Andrew Wood
Danny Johnson
Bradley Smith Jr.
Phillip Pirollo
John Sapinoso
Matt Mings
Michael Pericoloso

James McGrath
Travis Furlanic
David Campbell
Sean Noble
Kyle Cochrane
Justin Sweeney
Josh Horsley
Nathan Sausedo
Justin Walcker
J.B. Douglas
Kevan Reoli
Ben Snead
Brian Kretsch
Gunner Bahn
Patrick McGrath

Paul Kasemir
Brandon Douglass
Brian Arnold
Jaret Salas
Kevin Klein
Sat Khalsa
Ahmed Toure
Josh Lobeck
Lorin Ball
Jake Smith
Bob Pondrom
Nathaniel Spencer
James Wyatt
Tremayne Dortch
Alan Connealy

David “Flip” Rodriguez
Drew Dreschel
Travis Rosen
Jared “J.J.” Woods
Michael Ekhert
Bull Bullard
Sean Morris
William Brown
Thomas Hall
Brendan Kelly
Andy Taylor
Adam Grossman
Niko Bogucki
Tony Reddick
Paul O’Connor

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  • Kyle Harris

    how old do you have to be

  • Anonymous

    21 years old.

  • Ninjawarrior2019


  • Anonymous

    LOL.  You kids already have your version of Ninja Warrior, it’s called “recess” and “not having a job”.  LOL.  Seriously, I love how kids love Ninja Warrior, and we’ll try to keep it alive and popular until you can get your crack at it!

  • JR

    So this may seem like a silly question but I figured you might have the answer Matt.  I noticed that after watching the most recent episode on NBC there were only 12 runners left to run according to them.  However, I did the math and there should be 13 runners left.  The top 2 runners from each region still have to run plus david campbell who finished 3rd in his qualifier, leaving 13 runners left.  Either one of these 13 guys ran without me noticing or something is very wrong here, any idea?

  • Anonymous

    Hey JR.  I think you are spot on.  The remaining runners are the top 2 guys from each region (6*2=12) and David Campbell, who finished 3rd in his region, so 13 runners total left.

  • JR

    right but if they said there are only 12 runners left something seems wrong

  • Anonymous

    Did they say there were only 12 runners left?  I definitely heard them say that the top two from each region still had to run, but then David C was 3rd in his region and he obviously hasn’t run yet.  Hmmm…now I’m wondering what is going on!

  • JR

    conspiracy?  lol

  • JR

    so Matt it appears for some reason Travis Furlanic never made it to Vegas and no mention of it was made in the most recent episode, now I’m curious as to what happened to him