New American Ninja Warrior 4 Compilation Episodes to Air in February on NBC

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. The ninja world is still buzzing from the recent confirmation by NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt that they will air American Ninja Warrior 5 this summer, and now this unexpected bomb. Admittedly, this comes from one single source (, which is a fairly reliable source, so I have yet to “double-confirm” this, but I’m just a blogger so I’m going to post it anyway! [NOTE: This has now been confirmed by multiple sources]

Supposedly, allegedly, NBC is going to invest further in the American Ninja Warrior franchise by airing 8 new 1-hour compilation episodes of last season’s American Ninja Warrior 4 – including some tantalizing “never-before-seen-footage” – on Saturday nights at 8:00/7:00c beginning February 2nd. These episodes will be distilled from the 27 hours of episodes that composed ANW4 (13 on G4, 14 on NBC). Set your DVRs ninja bitches!


  • Josh Reitan Leif Landed First!


  • Ryoga Vee

    I exspect to see alot of the unseen footage from vegas as part of this compilation. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ryoga.  I agree, I think the “unseen footage” will mostly come from the Vegas National Finals chapter.

  • Daniellecalhoun55

    any info on where to send video submissions

  • Daniellecalhoun55

     matt any clue on where to submit video submissions

  • Anonymous

    Hey Danielle.  The video submission window isn’t open yet.  I expect they’ll announce the opening of the submission window on Feb 2nd during the first episode of this ANW4 Compilation Season NBC is going to air on Saturday nights during February and March.  I hope they at least have the courtesy to contact past competitors before that to give them the heads up so we don’t have to hear about it on TV!