Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) Dead?

It appears that the Japanese company Monster 9, which owns the rights to Ninja Warrior, has filed for bankruptcy. Here’s a great breakdown on Rambling Rican about what’s going on, but it would seem that the most probable outcome is that we’ve seen our last Ninja Warrior (*sniff*). With Ninja Warrior getting such weak ratings in Japan over the last events I doubt anybody is leaping at the chance to buy the brand and intellectual property and produce it themselves. There is a chance, albeit a small one, that NBC might be interested in buying the brand to create a standalone American Ninja Warrior property for the US market, although losing the end story of competing at the near-impossible Mt Midoriyama in Japan for the finalists I’d think is a negative from the storyline perspective. Who knows? This is all conjecture, aside from the fact that Monster 9 has indeed filed for bankruptcy. I’ll post information as I find it.

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