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Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) Dead?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

It appears that the Japanese company Monster 9, which owns the rights to Ninja Warrior, has filed for bankruptcy. Here’s a great breakdown on Rambling Rican about what’s going on, but it would seem that the most probable outcome is that we’ve seen our last Ninja Warrior (*sniff*). With Ninja Warrior getting such weak ratings in Japan over the last events I doubt anybody is leaping at the chance to buy the brand and intellectual property and produce it themselves. There is a chance, albeit a small one, that NBC might be interested in buying the brand to create a standalone American Ninja Warrior property for the US market, although losing the end story of competing at the near-impossible Mt Midoriyama in Japan for the finalists I’d think is a negative from the storyline perspective. Who knows? This is all conjecture, aside from the fact that Monster 9 has indeed filed for bankruptcy. I’ll post information as I find it.

American Ninja Warrior 4, Here I Come!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Just like after American Ninja Warrior 2, I received more than a few questions from friends and family after American Ninja Warrior 3 about whether I planned to keep competing in Ninja Warrior competitions or I planned to hang it up. My response is the same every time, an incredulous “Why would I ever voluntarily stop? This sh*t is awesome!” I guess these inquirers just don’t have a sense of how much fun it is as a grown man to leap, climb and scamper around random obstacles. It must look like work to most people, while for the competitors it is pure fun. I’m DEFINITELY going to be back trying to get into American Ninja Warrior 4 and see if I can work, sweat and compete my way to a shot at running on the hallowed ground of Mt. Midoriyama at Sasuke in Japan.

I immediately “started” my training for American Ninja Warrior 4 the day I got back from Venice Beach at ANW3 back in May. I took a bit of a break this summer, or at least slowed down, for a couple of months when my training buddy Ron fractured his foot and I coincidentally also had a crazy spike in my job work, but I am back on the horse trying to get faster, strong, and smarter for whenever ANW4 goes down. With the popularity of ANW3 on G4 and then the big airing of the season finale on NBC, I expect a huge surge in applications to compete for ANW4, which means my submission video to get accepted has to be better than ever. I’m already mentally working on it…more to come in the future.

And for training, how am I going to prepare? I plan on continuing with my core training of rock-climbing and parkour, with some yoga and strength-training support. I also hope to get more time working on actual obstacles, which no doubt is a big differentiator between the top guys with courses in their back yards and “leisure competitors” like myself who train but don’t have a warped wall or salmon ladder in their back yard! I might have access to a couple of courses from guys I know here in New Mexico, and plan to take a trip or two up to train with the hard-core APEX guys at Boulder. Overall my training is similar to previous years…lots of grip and upper body strength combined with the intuitive speed and approach of the parkour demons (that’s my goal, at least), and then throw in more obstacle-specific work wherever I can.

Who knows if ANW4 will happen later in 2011, if the networks decide that they want to send Team America to the very next Sasuke (which happens twice a year), or it will happen in the summer of 2012 for the ‘standard’ once-a-year trip that ANW has offered so far in its three seasons. In any case, when it happens is out of my hands…the only thing I can control is whether I’m getting ready for it whenever it does down! As always, thanks for your support readers, it means a lot.

Strong Ratings on NBC for American Ninja Warrior 3 Finale

Friday, August 26th, 2011

According to this article in the New York Times, as well as a couple of other media sources I found, apparently the season finale on NBC for American Ninja Warrior 3 brought in fairly strong ratings. I think in absolute terms the ratings weren’t so terribly high, but for that time slot (Sunday night during the summer) they were relatively very good. This is fantastic news for American Ninja Warrior fans and competitors, meaning there is an increased likelihood of future competitions and media exposure.

This is total speculation on my part…but I have to believe that it also means that there is an increased likelihood of American Ninja Warrior 4 going down later this year in 2011 in order to send Team America to the very next Sasuke in Japan. Remember ANW has only been happening once a year, while Sasuke happens twice a year, and with Sasuke ratings flagging in Japan they may need an infusion of new interest and NBC licensing money to even run another one.

Season Finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 Tonight

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Click ‘Like’ if you watched the season finale and admire our American competitors who gave it their all in Japan! Let’s spread the word, and please comment here to let me know what most stood out for you from this season.

Tonight the finale of this past American Ninja Warrior competition where the top ten Americans go to Japan to compete in the world’s toughest obstacle course airs on NBC in primetime. Although I didn’t make it that far, a couple good friends did, and it is a surprisingly compelling piece of television to watch them pursue their dreams to be the first American (and only 4th person ever) to complete this insane multi-stage course. These competitors dream and train hard for this, so their achievement of even getting to run in Ninja Warrior Japan (Sasuke) is something to be celebrated, and their attempts to push the boundaries of what they can do on the course is something to be admired and applauded.

Here’s a great article in today’s USA Today that talks more about this competition. Both articles like this one and the premier of American Ninja Warrior on network TV tonight represent a broadening interest in and exposure to this great competition and its amazing competitors. Below are some more articles from media sources about the competition tonight, although some are just glamorized TV listings. The USA Today article is probably the “best” article in terms of coverage and mainstream exposure:

Chicago Tribune
Times Reporter
NBC Philadelphia
LA Times

Finale of Boot Camp Tonight

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

With 13 competitors left and only 10 making Team America to go to Japan to compete in Ninja Warrior, the finale of Boot Camp for American Ninja Warrior 3 airs tonight to eliminate the last 3 competitors. Don’t forget to tune into G4 tonight to watch the intense competition (as well as inspiring sportsmanship and brotherhood) among these amazing competitors to watch the final team selected. Last week’s episodes of Boot Camp were intense and great fun.

Also set your DVRs to record the season finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 on this Monday night on NBC as the top ten Americans journey to Japan to compete and pursue their dreams, and potentially earn a $500,000 endorsement deal from K-Swiss if they can be the first American to ever complete the course. For American Ninja Warrior fans this airing on NBC is a big deal as it represents a more mainstream audience that might take this competition into the big leagues of network exposure in future years!