Off to See the Wizard – ANW3

Who knew he lived in Venice Beach and came in the form of an obstacle course competition?

Leaving right now for the competition.  I’ll have all day on Monday to chill and watch friends and other competitors have their crack at the course, and then Tuesday morning I’ll queue up myself and give it my best.  Just trying to surf the waves of adrenaline that keep coursing through me!

I’ve gotten intel about the course composition.  Their are a few changes from last year, most notably THERE IS NOT SPIDER WALL!  This is what I fell on last year and what I honestly believe prevented me from finishing the course.  I’m glad it isn’t there this year, but I was also looking forward to my shot at redemption.  Something tells me though that the Spider Wall and me aren’t done yet.

Some interesting new obstacles though, and I appreciate their efforts to change the course around a bit while still keeping some of the great elements from last year (and traditional elements).  Here’s the course for the opening round:

#1 – Quadruple Steps (same as last year)

#2 – Log Grip (replaces Rope Swing)

#3 – Bridge of Blades (same as last year)

#4 – Jump Hang to Cargo Net (replaces Spider Wall)

#5 – Horizontal Jumping Bars (modified from last year that were on decline…this year should be harder with the bars flat, and potentially more space between them)

#6 – Warped Wall (same as last year)


  • Frod Zx

    Good Luck, I hope it goes well for you.

  • Frod Zx

    Good Luck, I hope it goes well for you.