Only 20% Imply I Smoke Crack

About 4 weeks ago I posted a poll on this blog looking for honest feedback about whether I was off my rocker for thinking about competing in American Ninja Warrior, or whether I was being bold and “seizing the day” to try to fulfill a dream.  I got a rousing 20 votes on my poll, with an overwhelming 75% response picking the “Absolutely! Life is short! Go for it!” option in support of me going for it.  Thanks guys!

20% of the voters, however, thought I was nuts and picked the “Put down the crack pipe and slowly walk away” option.  I suppose there are naysayers in every crowd 😉

Just one person (5% of the total!) hedged with the “Maybe, only if you can avoid embarassing yourself” choice.  I personally thought more people would choose this option, as so many people seem to make life decisions based on what others will think of them, and based on a scientific avoidance of public embarassment.  I must admit, recently I’ve worried a bit about the prospect of training hard, putting myself out there in public to my friends and family, and then doing a horrific faceplant on the course that gets featured by G4 as “wipeout of the day”.  There’s no good that can come from letting this fear take too much frontal lobe space, so I’ll just banish it from my thoughts and try to visualize greatness bolstered by the 75% majority vote.


  • Mrs.

    I would have voted for you! Then your mother, Theresa J. Cusic of NM slept with my husband. Hope you have more class.

  • Abq

    Terri Cusic is on crack for sleeping with another woman’s husband in December 2010. He works in the 377 ABW safety office. Wanna see the emails between them?