Pour a 40 on the Ground for G4

G4 is officially dead.  Long live G4!  For many of us watching Sasuke reruns and the first 3 seasons of ANW on G4 is the nostalgic root of our ninja passions.  This death has been slow and confusing (Esquire Network, were you ever really G4?), so let’s all give G4 a tip of our hat and pour a 40 on the ground in remembrance of an old friend officially passing.

Hit LIKE if G4 was a ninja and geeky delight for you, it was for me (I miss Olivia Munn and Alison Hayslip).

G4NBC Pulls the Plug on G4

“According to a statement that NBCUniversal Cable sent to the remaining providers still carrying the G4 channel, the company announced that the network will come to an end on November 30. In 2013, there was talk that NBCUniversal would rebrand G4 as the Esquire network, but ended up launching it on Style, instead.”