Same Ninja Blog, New Ninja Channel

Welcome to the new domain home ( of my American Ninja Warrior blog which I’ve been writing since 2010.  My intent is to continue telling my story as a long-time fan and 4-time competitor in American Ninja Warrior, and to serve as a resource for both competitors and fans alike for news and articles related to the show.  I’ve been proud to own the domain and have my blog there since the beginning of the show, and plan to continue that spirit here at my new domain.   I’m voluntarily transferred the domain to the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) because TBS owns the trademark for American Ninja Warrior (the terms of the transfer are confidential)

The hardest thing about moving my blog to a new domain is the great loss of readers who might not be able to find me.  This new domain will be nowhere in the search engine results for quite some time, and fans and competitors who were accustomed to going straight to to read my blog will have no way to easily find me now.  I’m also sad to have lost the great comments and discussions connected to many of my posts.  Time to build this from the ground anew, but I need your help!

If you are a fan of my blog, or even just the show, could I ask you to either “Like” or “Share” this article via your Facebook account, or even Tweet it?  Those social actions will help my blog get found by both fans of the show and by search engines again.  Even better, if you have a website or blog yourself with an interest in American Ninja Warrior, obstacle courses, parkour, or related topics, please consider putting a link on your site to this blog.

Thanks for your support, and I appreciate what you can do to help me build back up the community of fans and competitors that this blog previously enjoyed when at the domain!


  • Ron

    i found you first

  • Ninjawarriorrx

    Amazing dedication and great form! #AmericanNinjaWarrior