Season Finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 Tonight

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Tonight the finale of this past American Ninja Warrior competition where the top ten Americans go to Japan to compete in the world’s toughest obstacle course airs on NBC in primetime. Although I didn’t make it that far, a couple good friends did, and it is a surprisingly compelling piece of television to watch them pursue their dreams to be the first American (and only 4th person ever) to complete this insane multi-stage course. These competitors dream and train hard for this, so their achievement of even getting to run in Ninja Warrior Japan (Sasuke) is something to be celebrated, and their attempts to push the boundaries of what they can do on the course is something to be admired and applauded.

Here’s a great article in today’s USA Today that talks more about this competition. Both articles like this one and the premier of American Ninja Warrior on network TV tonight represent a broadening interest in and exposure to this great competition and its amazing competitors. Below are some more articles from media sources about the competition tonight, although some are just glamorized TV listings. The USA Today article is probably the “best” article in terms of coverage and mainstream exposure:

Chicago Tribune
Times Reporter
NBC Philadelphia
LA Times

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  • Katie

    Can’t wait!!! I’m watching ANW right now!!! Too bad you’re not in boot camp :(

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Katie, maybe next year!

  • Paladinnight

    Did anyone else catch glimps of Brian O there on the sidelines?  Did he compete in the main Sasuke?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know.  I know a couple other people who saw him too, although I missed him.  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled when I re-watch it.  Maybe he was there as an alternate in case there was a last minute injury?  I’d be interested to find out.

  • Anonymous

    It turns out he went as an alternate and didn’t get to run.  Sucks for him, apparently he was bored out of his mind.  Must have been so frustrating to be there and watch all the activities, and not get to participate.  Or even hang with the other guys when the camera was rolling.  At least he’s already gotten to run it 5 times 😉