Southwest on Deck

The season of American Ninja Warrior 4 starts tonight on G4 and continues tomorrow night on NBC showing the Southwest regional and regional final rounds.  The Southwest region is chock-full of legitimate ninja studs and is arguably the strongest of the six regions in this year’s competition.  Including top competitors Levi Meeuwenberg, Shane Daniels, Luci Romberg, and Brian Orosco from the LA-based Tempest Academy, as well as other top guns and fan favorites like Kelvin “Grandpa Ninja” Antoine, Brent Steffensen, Dorian Cedars, Michael “Frosti” Zeroniow, Ryan “Cloud” Cousins, and Evan “Rocket” Dollard….the Southwest region episodes are sure to amaze, inspire and shock!

Click LIKE if you are eagerly anticipating, watching and/or digging the Southwest region episodes this week!  I’ll post some results and commentary when everything is aired and public.

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  • Erik Hom

    What about Frosti?

  • Adrian

    Why wasn’t Brian Orosco in the Southwest Region competition? Does anyone know?

  • MrTriVan

    Did Brian Orosco choose not to compete this year?

  • Anonymous

    Brian Orosco ended up competing in the Northwest region for some reason this year, so he’ll be coming up later!  (June 10th and 11th are the Northwest region airings I believe)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Erik….good catch, I added him.  Also see my Top Stories from the Southwest where he got some love too.

  • Anonymous

    He competed, but in the Northwest region to air June 10th and 11th I believe.

  • Guest

    Levi has fallen on the first obstacle. I don’t know why but i had a feeling that he was going to slip up(even though he can destroy that obstacle course) but i never expected him to drop on the first obstacle. I was in shock and disbelief when i saw this. Little disappointed because I think Levi can go all the way. I hope Brian Orosco and David Campbell don’t slip up. But goes to show, anything can happen in this dreaded competition.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, everybody was pretty shocked that Levi fell.  Other people can occasionally slip up, but most people look at him like he’s another species! Anything can definitely happen in this crazy competition!