Still Waiting, Still Training

Here we are on the first day of July, and I’m still waiting like everyone else to hear the time, date and location specifics for the American Ninja Warrior event which is maybe only 4 or 5 weeks away.  A couple of weeks ago Ninja Warrior posted on its Facebook page that they were close to finalizing the logistics, including for an awesome location with stadium seating for those that want to watch and a “kids course” for the little people to run.  Since then silence…until yesterday, when G4 apparently emailed the competitors from ANW 1 last year to notify them that the dates would be August 7th through 9th for a 3-day stretch.  Hopefully this means they will publicly announce the specifics soon, and can begin calling the people who submitted videos and they want to invite (nobody has gotten a guaranteed invite yet, presumably G4 is waiting to finalize time/date/location specs first).

In the absence of getting contacted by G4, I’ve been keeping up with my training, although I’ve struggled to maintain focus the last few weeks to be honest.  Lots of rock-climbing and grip strength stuff.  Some cardio and flexibility.  I feel off the wagon a bit last week when I went to the World Series of Poker to play in a couple of events…Vegas is hardly the best venue for training 😉  I’m hoping I get called soon with an invite, as I know that will inspire me to pick up my training over the remaining 5 weeks before the actual event.   Fingers crossed!  Waiting is hard!