Submission Video for American Ninja Warrior 4

With my region (Midwest) getting teed up to be aired this Memorial Day weekend, thought I’d give a little coverage to my submission video for this year.  If you want to skip over my blabbering and get right to the action, jump to the 1:17 mark.  Not the world’s best submission video by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad for a 40 year old dad!  Check it out and let me know if you appreciate my crazy-ass obstacle course obsession.

  • Frod Zx

    Very nice man. You look stronger than last year.

  • Yoshiki

    I wish you good luck from Japan.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Frod!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Yoshiki!

  • Mitchbudlong

    Hey Matt I currently live in Baton Rouge but am from Dallas. Id love to come train with you sometime. Im looking for a course near me to try some of the obstacles. My twitter is @MitchBudlong.
    Mitch Budlong

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mitch.  Nice to meet you!  It looks like I’ll be moving to Austin sometime in mid-March and would love to hook up and train.  There are a few other ninjas in the Austin area so I’ll be scoping out the training location opportunities there once I hit the ground, so hopefully I’ll be able to identify some training spots that we could use.  Are you submitting yourself for ANW4 and the regionals in Dallas in mid-March?

  • Robert

    matt ur a rockstar! happened on your blog by accident trying to figure when the dallas tryouts had been so we dont miss next year. my husb is kindred (6’4″+) spirit. we r in round rock w/ 6 and 4y/o, have fun group of training friends in town. welcome to town. ps. cute boys.

  • rob’s wife

     ack. stupid computers; stupid webpages i dont know how to edit appropriately.. just for clarification’ sake, this is rob’s wife, and i posted the above but mis-attributed. bah.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!  Just sent you an email so we can hook up some time to train and visit with the kids.