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Attack of the Show ANW3 Preview

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Here’s a good segment that aired on Attack of the Show about American Ninja Warrior 3 that starts airing this Sunday. Particularly note the interview with Tre Sussy Vaughn, the fastest competitor in the opening round of American Ninja Warrior 2, as he talks about the slippery-ass quadruple steps and then they show the clip of him falling on it. His experience mirrors my own which you can read about in my “Death by Wetuple Steps” entry. I was surprised that they featured this “uneven” obstacle from the competitive standpoint, I thought they’d pretend the steps were so tough that great competitors like Tre (who is in a totally different league from me) would fall on it. Tune in to ANW3 to see a few other top guys fall in the same place, as well as other competitors dial in some amazing performances.

Could it Be True? May Date for ANW3

Monday, April 4th, 2011

The rumor on the American Ninja Warrior grapevine, to be confirmed or refuted later this week by an actual announcement by G4 on Attack of the Show, is that the date for American Ninja Warrior 3 is MUCH MUCH MUCH sooner than anybody anticipated (and as G4 recently hinted). Apparently the dates are May 14-16 at an undetermined location, probably in the greater LA area, possibly at Venice Beach like last year. The video submission date is also reported to be by April 22nd. That leaves a very tight turnaround for the G4 folk to review submissions, decide who gets invites, contact people, and get paperwork. Not to mention competitors making travel plans. Yikes! I was going to finish up my submission video this week anyway, but it still creates a big specter of urgency.

I’m thinking that the earlier date is to ensure that the finalists from American Ninja Warrior get to go to Japan to compete in Sasuke. Sasuke ratings in Japan are plummeting, and there might not be many competitions left, so I think they want to make certain that the ANW competitors get in for the very next Sasuke instead of the one after that (which might not even happen). This is all conjecture, of course 😉