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Finale of Boot Camp Tonight

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

With 13 competitors left and only 10 making Team America to go to Japan to compete in Ninja Warrior, the finale of Boot Camp for American Ninja Warrior 3 airs tonight to eliminate the last 3 competitors. Don’t forget to tune into G4 tonight to watch the intense competition (as well as inspiring sportsmanship and brotherhood) among these amazing competitors to watch the final team selected. Last week’s episodes of Boot Camp were intense and great fun.

Also set your DVRs to record the season finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 on this Monday night on NBC as the top ten Americans journey to Japan to compete and pursue their dreams, and potentially earn a $500,000 endorsement deal from K-Swiss if they can be the first American to ever complete the course. For American Ninja Warrior fans this airing on NBC is a big deal as it represents a more mainstream audience that might take this competition into the big leagues of network exposure in future years!

Boot Camp Poll – The Results

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had over 350 people vote in our “Boot Camp – Love It or Hate It?” poll. I’m no mathmagician, but I think 350 votes picking among only 5 options is enough for us to deduce a few things about how people feel about the Boot Camp setup in American Ninja Warrior. Here are the results, as of this moment, in order of popularity:

#1 “Love It!” with 29%
#2 “Pretty Cool” with 28%
#3 “I hate it! I’m so mad!” with 20%
#4 “I could take it or leave it” with 12%
#5 “Don’t really care for it, but I ain’t mad” with 11%

First deduction…most people either love it or like it, with almost 60% choosing one of the two positive options against roughly 30% who chose one of the two negative options. The two positive options clocked in at #1 and #2 in terms of votes.

Second deduction…the people who don’t like it, REALLY don’t like it with 20% of the overall tally saying that they hate it. On an anecdotal level, from comments people have shared on this blog or elsewhere, the main complaint people have is that it (1) encourages people to “game-play” to create drama and earn their spot for Japan as oppose to just proving it straight-up with their ninja chops, and (2) by creating “Survivor”-esque setups it undermines the inherent sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship that is part of the Ninja Warrior tradition.

Third deduction…many of the hardcore fans HATE the Bootcamp, while most everybody else really likes it. How do I know this? Well, the early voters in this poll were ANW competitors that I know and bulletin board members, and the later voters were people who just found this blog searching “American Ninja Warrior” on one of the search engines. Through the first 100 votes there was a dramatic 4-to-1 ratio of “Hate it!” to “Love it!” votes, showing that those hardcore early fans truly hated it. I thought the poll was going to be a landslide against the Boot Camp. But as more voters trickled in over the last couple of weeks, primarily new and casual fans, they RESOUNDINGLY voted positively for the Boot Camp and more that recovered ground in what seemed like an insurmountable deficit of 4-to-1 against, and both the positive options surpassed the most popular negative choice. This means that the Boot Camp, as G4 probably intended, appealed to more of the mass audience and perhaps expanded the fan base for our little obstacle course competition.

Final conclusion…overall people really liked the Boot Camp, particularly casual and new fans. Who knows exactly why…maybe they love Survivor-esque drama, maybe they just like having more hours of ANW content, maybe they like to learn about the competitors more and it makes them more vested in their success. What we do know is that a lot of hardcore fans did not like the structure that encouraged “anti-sportsmanship” drama, and didn’t purely advance the 10 best competitors to Japan. I think these hardcore fans would actually really like the Boot Camp if it were structured to (1) advance people purely on merit, and (2) focus even more on preparation for Japan. But undeniably the “mass audience” and casual fans really liked it, and I think that is probably a good thing for ANW’s sustainability in the long-term.

Feel free to post your comments here and continue the discussion! Who knows? Maybe somebody from G4 might see this and it might influence what they do for next year. Let your voice be heard!

Boot Camp Most Memorable Moment

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

With over 300 votes in our Boot Camp – Love It or Hate It? poll, the whole Boot Camp concept in American Ninja Warrior is one of fierce debate. Now that we have seen all of the Boot Camp, what was the most memorable moment of the whole thing for you? This could be a “defining moment” of Boot Camp or just a funny or insightful glimpse into the competition or a competitor. I’m curious to hear what people thought was the “Most Memorable Moment of Boot Camp”!

Boot Camp – Love it or Hate it?

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

I must admit that I missed the last few episodes (*shakes fist at DirectTV*), but I understand that the whole Boot Camp concept as the place where the 15 finalists duke it out to make the top 10 spots on Team America to go to Ninja Warrior has been introduced. I see the bulletin boards aflame with people’s opinion of the whole Boot Camp idea. Ninja Warrior purists hate it, other people say it’s a great evolution of the American Ninja Warrior brand for commercial purposes, some say it is great preparation for Team America to go compete in Japan. What is your opinion? Vote below and feel free to post comments.

American Ninja Warrior 2 Starts Dec 8th

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

American Ninja Warrior 2 will begin airing on G4 on Wednesday December 8th.  Unlike last year where I believe they did a marathon and showed all the episodes back-to-back over the weekend, I think this year they will show a couple of episodes each Wednesday night for a couple of months.  There is more good American Ninja Warrior content this year as they have added a bunch of hours (technical programming term) with an expanded format.  I think the first few episodes will cover the insane opening round at Venice Beach where 200-300 competitors took their shot at the great 6 obstacle course they put together.  The next few episodes will show the semifinals where the top 30 competitors with the best times run an expanded 8 obstacle course hoping to make the top 15 finalists.  These top 15 finalists (next group of episodes) then move into a house Big Brother and Ultimate Fighter style to live together and compete against each over a week for the coveted 10 spots on Team America that would go to Japan to compete in the next Ninja Warrior competition (Sasuke 26).  Obviously the last few episodes is this team of 10 and how the do in Japan.  Should be great…can’t wait to see it all!  Set your calendars!