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Competitor Profile – Christopher Christensen

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The first entry in what I hope will be a series of competitor profiles, I’d like to present Christopher Christensen. Christopher has been in all 3 American Ninja Warriors to date, and is known in the competitor community as a passionate and super-helpful guy. When I was considering applying to American Ninja Warrior 2 a couple of years ago, Christopher was one of the first guys on the bulletin boards to really encourage me and go out of his way to answer questions. A really great guy and a determined competitor who gets a lot out of his pursuit to compete.

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Amazing Experience, Incredible Camaraderie

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Although I am bound by the Non-Disclosure Agreement all competitors must sign from talking about actual performance (they don’t want to ruin the suspense of the show when it airs in December), I’m still allowed to talk about my general experience and what it was like to compete.  It truly was an AMAZING experience attending the weekend event at Venice Beach and getting to meet the other obstacle course nutjobs who also competed in the event.  Running the course itself was certainly a dream realized and a ton of fun, but I have to say the comraderie among the competitors was singularly the most incredible thing of the experience.  Everybody was genuinely excited to meet and support each other, I didn’t see any instances of people “sizing each other up” and wishing failure on each other, it was nothing but love and support and mutual admiration.  I have to say it was one of the most unique experiences deeply connecting with a random assortment of other people.  Specific mad props to Brian Kretsch, Ryan Stratis, David Gabel, Mike Bernardo, Ron Dukes, Larry Rabena, Jason Huewe, Travis Furlanic, David Campbell, Gabe Cort, Christopher Christensen, Brett Sims, Ryoga Vee, Christian Okruhlik, Kelvin (Grandpa Ninja!), PJ Hradilek, Travis Rosen, Matthew, Chris, and the Amazing Oti for your friendship and support!  I know I forgot to include a few people here, but the love is still there!