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But You’ll Fall in the Water

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Yesterday my wife asked my 4 year old if he thought it would be cool if I competed in Ninja Warrior.  He’s watched it a bunch of times with me on TV, so is pretty familiar with it.  My wife wanted to know what he thought about maybe seeing his daddy on TV competing in Ninja Warrior.

My 4 year old sort of frowned with concern, “But you’ll fall in the water.”

Maybe somebody had shown him this video.  As most of you know, there have been 24 Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) competitions in Japan and only 3 out of 2,400 competitors have ever completed the course.  That’s not even calculating the several hundred competitors that competed in the first American Ninja Warrior last year.  With water pits being the “fall catcher” for most of the obstacles, well, you can do the deductive logic.

“Buddy,” I responded to my son, “everybody falls in the water.  It’s just a question of how far you get before you do fall in the water.”  That didn’t really satisfy my son, who still carried around a furrowed brow of concern the rest of the night for his daddy and his inevitable dip in the drink.

Insanity Check – Wife

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

OK, since learning that the American Ninja Warrior 2 application and training process is basically upon me right now if I’m going to do it, no small part of me has been wondering if I am insane enough to try it.  So this morning I brought it up with my wife, who was well-aware of my Ninja Warrior fascination a couple of years ago (and is cool enough to even watch Ninja Warrior with me).  Nobody knows me better than she does, and her insight into me and this process is the best insanity check I could get.  So appropos of nothing this morning I told her what I’d found out, basically that they’ve JUST announced the specifics for American Ninja Warrior 2, being held in LA in mid to late July, and that they had JUST opened up the video submission process.  I told her that if I’m ever going to pursue Ninja Warrior glory, the time to start the bus is now.

My wife, God bless her, didn’t even blink…”You should do it” were the first words out of her mouth.  Fortunately I married a woman who, among her other wonderful attributes, supports me in my off-the-beaten-path pursuits in life.  She even encourages them.  She thought it would be great for me to get to try this, recognizing that the window of opportunity for me in athletic competition is rapidly closing, and she even felt it would set a great example for our three young boys by showing that daddy “puts himself out there” and tries brave things, extends himself.  With my wifely support of this insane endeavor, I think I might actually try this…