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Stacked Northwest on Deck

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

The absolutely stacked Northwest region is on deck for this Sunday night on G4 and Monday night on NBC. Whenever discussion is had about the strongest region in ANW4, serious consideration has to be given to the Northwest as the creme de la creme. It has arguably 5 of the top 10 competitors in it, and inarguably 5 of the top 20 competitors.

David Campbell – Everybody who competes in ANW or watches ANW and/or Ninja Warrior knows David, and recognizes him as a top 3 runner year-in-year-out. He is a fierce competitor who is extremely consistent and focused. He made it farther than any American competitor in Sasuke 27 (Sasuke is the proper term for Ninja Warrior Japan), and has competed in Sasuke three or four times.
Travis Furlanic – David’s nephew and a stud on his own, Travis was the only American Ninja Warrior competitor to make the finals and compete in Sasuke all three seasons. He is always a threat for getting the fastest time on any course he steps on.
Brian Orosco – Brian Orosco is a superstar of American Ninja Warrior, has competed in Sasuke a bazillion times (disclaimer: not actual count), and is a member of Tempest Freerunning.
James McGrath – James is the patron saint of all American Ninja Warrior walkons, having walked on in American Ninja Warrior 3 after having slept in his van, and then making it all the way to the third stage in Japan for Sasuke 27 where he absolutely destroyed the course until he failed at the infamous Ultimate Cliffhanger, getting as far as any American.
Brian Kretsch – Brian is not as well known as these other four competitors, but has competed in all four American Ninja Warriors and made the semi-finals in ANW1. He trains with David Campbell and Travis Furlanic in Northern California, and anybody who has ever trained on the course with him knows he is a threat to win the whole thing. Check out our recent video interview with him.

Let me add the caveat that I don’t always know ahead of time which competitors competed where, so there is a good possibility that I am overlooking somebody terribly deserving who should be on this list! Give me a holler if you think there is a particularly egregious absence.

Season Finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 Tonight

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Click ‘Like’ if you watched the season finale and admire our American competitors who gave it their all in Japan! Let’s spread the word, and please comment here to let me know what most stood out for you from this season.

Tonight the finale of this past American Ninja Warrior competition where the top ten Americans go to Japan to compete in the world’s toughest obstacle course airs on NBC in primetime. Although I didn’t make it that far, a couple good friends did, and it is a surprisingly compelling piece of television to watch them pursue their dreams to be the first American (and only 4th person ever) to complete this insane multi-stage course. These competitors dream and train hard for this, so their achievement of even getting to run in Ninja Warrior Japan (Sasuke) is something to be celebrated, and their attempts to push the boundaries of what they can do on the course is something to be admired and applauded.

Here’s a great article in today’s USA Today that talks more about this competition. Both articles like this one and the premier of American Ninja Warrior on network TV tonight represent a broadening interest in and exposure to this great competition and its amazing competitors. Below are some more articles from media sources about the competition tonight, although some are just glamorized TV listings. The USA Today article is probably the “best” article in terms of coverage and mainstream exposure:

Chicago Tribune
Times Reporter
NBC Philadelphia
LA Times

Finale of Boot Camp Tonight

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

With 13 competitors left and only 10 making Team America to go to Japan to compete in Ninja Warrior, the finale of Boot Camp for American Ninja Warrior 3 airs tonight to eliminate the last 3 competitors. Don’t forget to tune into G4 tonight to watch the intense competition (as well as inspiring sportsmanship and brotherhood) among these amazing competitors to watch the final team selected. Last week’s episodes of Boot Camp were intense and great fun.

Also set your DVRs to record the season finale of American Ninja Warrior 3 on this Monday night on NBC as the top ten Americans journey to Japan to compete and pursue their dreams, and potentially earn a $500,000 endorsement deal from K-Swiss if they can be the first American to ever complete the course. For American Ninja Warrior fans this airing on NBC is a big deal as it represents a more mainstream audience that might take this competition into the big leagues of network exposure in future years!

American Ninja Warrior Goes Network

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

In a very interesting piece of news today NBC announced its plan to air the “two-part season finale” of American Ninja Warrior 3 sometime this fall. Presumably the opening round, the semi-finals and the boot camp will still be shown on G4, and then a big season finale will show the top ten Americans competing in Ninja Warrior Japan (Sasuke 27). Maybe “two-part season finale” means two hours of show, maybe more…who knows? Comcast owns G4, and recently purchased NBC, so this is a piece of synergy under the Comcast media umbrella.

For competitors this means, if the show is successful on NBC, an increased probability American Ninja Warrior will even be around to compete in. Prior to this announcement there was a fear that this American Ninja Warrior might be the last one given the Ninja Warrior in Japan is rumored to be on the brink of cancellation. If ANW is popular on NBC, then it could mean either one of two positive things: (1) NBC pays a big enough fee to Ninja Warrior that they continue to run the event even though it might not be popular in its domestic market anymore, or (2) that NBC really likes ANW and makes it its own standalone competition with an increased obstacle set should Ninja Warrior Japan get cancelled. Either way, it means that this silly little obstacle course that so many of us are fond of might stay around a while longer than we had been expecting.

Another piece of news is that K-Swiss is now the big sponsor for American Ninja Warrior, which makes a lot of sense as K-Swiss has a very prominent line of free-running shoes.  The “prize” for being the first American to complete all four stages at Ninja Warrior has been increased to a $500k endorsement contract with K-Swiss and getting featured in a national ad campaign.

You can read the G4 press release about all this information here.