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8 Foot Jumping Bar

Friday, July 13th, 2012

New trick…the 8 foot Jumping Bars! In the actual American Ninja Warrior competition the gap is only 6 feet, which is pretty easy once you’ve practiced it once or twice, but I’d previously never had a chance to try a longer distance and wanted to test myself. Who knows? They may widen the gap of the Jumping Bars in competition and knowing you can go farther than the standard 6 feet would really help with the confidence. So while at Chris Wilczewski’s gym The Warrior Lab in New Jersey I had the chance to try a Jumping Bar with an 8 feet gap, so I had to give it a shot. Fun!

No doubt my form can improve…a bigger swing and launch would mean I don’t have to be so stretched out for the catch, but I was pleased to get it all the same.

American Ninja Warrior Profile – Chris Wilczewski

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

One of my favorite American Ninja Warrior competitors, both for his mad skills and the joy with which he pursues the dream, is Chris Wilczewski.  At the tender age of 22 Chris is already a seasoned veteran of the competitor having made the Boot Camp in American Ninja Warrior 3 and having established a sick parkour and ninja warrior training gym in New Jersey called The Warrior Lab.  Chris is a competitor in the Northeast region this season of American Ninja Warrior 4, and I have a feeling is going to generate a lot of buzz with his performance, charisma, and monster skills on the course.

Despite our nearly two decades difference in age, Chris and I have become good buddies and I’m proud to have his friendship and support, as he has mine.  I asked him to take some time and answer some questions for me about his experience training for and competing in American Ninja Warrior, which he graciously did, so check out his video below and root hard for him as he puts it all on the line in the Northeast region and hopefully beyond!