Video Submissions Open for ANW3

G4 just announced that they are starting the video submission window for American Ninja Warrior 3 scheduled to go off sometime over the summer. Typically these video submission windows have been open for a good two to three month period, but past is not always prologue. My various Ninja Warrior comrades are pumped up at the announcement of the submission/application period, which signals that American Ninja Warrior will indeed have a third competition this summer (there had been some doubt).

Got to get my video together!

  • Ninjutsu Techniques

    Checked out some of the competitors. Some serious competition there.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, there is some serious competition this year! I think with the broader coverage of American Ninja Warrior 2 (most recent season), there will be more applicants, and more studs applicants, for American Ninja Warrior 3 than ever. I hope I get in!