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Competitor Profile – Josh Kronberg

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

In the third installment in my series on great competitors in American Ninja Warrior, I bring you Josh Kronberg who competed in ANW2 and ANW3. He just missed making the semi-finals in ANW3, and I think is a real sleeper competitor to shock some people in ANW4. He’s been training like a madman, and has a great course in his backyard that he’s built up with trademark obstacles like the jumping bars, the salmon ladder, and the unstable bridge among others. I’ve had a chance to hang out and train with him, and he’s a humble nice guy with serious determination to be the first American Ninja Warrior. In fact, I’m going down to Albuquerque to train with him again next week…lucky me! Hope you guys enjoy his story, and encourage him in his dreams.

American Ninja Warrior Profile – Ryoga Vee

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

In another in our growing series of competitor video interviews, we have the one-and-only Ryoga Vee! Ryoga has competed in every American Ninja Warrior, and I think has been shown in every season of ANW, and brings his own unique passion and flair to the event. Ryoga is a very accomplished parkour practitioner and a legitimate longtime underground fight club participant, and is one of the best known competitors in American Ninja Warrior.

Some people, particularly the introverts of the world, might not know what to make of Ryoga’s enthusiastic costumed approach to competing, but I will tell you this – Ryoga is authentically being himself, he has a joy and sincerity to his approach to American Ninja Warrior and to life that I admire and that we should all applaud. Plus, he has some great stories and insights in this video, so be sure to check it out and root him on!

American Ninja Warrior Profile – Brian Kretsch

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Good buddy and all-around ninja stud Brian Kretsch took some time to answer some questions from me about his experience training for and competing in American Ninja Warrior. Brian has competed in all four American Ninja Warrior competitions, and is a founding member of “Team Butter” out of Northern California with other well-known ninja warrior stars like David Campbell and Travis Furlanic. Along with David and Travis he also helped build the famous Death Sasuke course (RIP) where they have generously hosted fellow competitors to train over the years (I was there a month ago myself for Warped Wall training!).

On a personal note Brian has always been a great friend and supporter of mine in my unlikely ninja aspirations, so not only is he one of the top 20 competitors in my unbiased assessment, but he’s also one of the guys I root hardest for. Brian has a Facebook fan page, so go like him!

Submission Video for American Ninja Warrior 4

Monday, May 21st, 2012

With my region (Midwest) getting teed up to be aired this Memorial Day weekend, thought I’d give a little coverage to my submission video for this year.  If you want to skip over my blabbering and get right to the action, jump to the 1:17 mark.  Not the world’s best submission video by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad for a 40 year old dad!  Check it out and let me know if you appreciate my crazy-ass obstacle course obsession.

Competitor Profile – Johan Yusof

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

In the second entry of our new series focusing on different competitors in Ninja Warrior, I bring you Johan Yusof of Kuala Lumpur who competes in Sasuke Malaysia (for those accustomed to our bad translations, that would be Ninja Warrior Malaysia). Johan is a passionate performer and competitor, and his experience aspiring to compete in Ninja Warrior and competing in Sasuke Malaysia is a fascinating window into one of our brother competitors halfway around the world. As I’ve competed in American Ninja Warrior, one of the things that has interested me the most is the diverse backgrounds of my fellow ninjas and how their pursuit of competing in Ninja Warrior has deeply affected their lives despite these differences, and for this reason I’ve decided to do these competitor profiles to bring forward more of their stories.