Without an Invite, Gonna Try for a Walkon

After a bit of false hope yesterday, I found out definitively today that I do NOT have an invite. Major bummer…having gotten through all the rounds of the application process except obviously the last one, and seeing pretty much all my ninjas buddies get invitations, I’m at a loss for why I didn’t earn a spot. As one of the true superfans who foresaw American Ninja Warrior before it even was created, and has written a blog about my pursuit that has been read by literally tens of thousands of people, it hurts to not get invited.

But after about an hour of feeling sorry for myself, mostly as I continued my drive south for the third straight day towards Dallas with our car stuffed to the gills with my wife, my three little boys, and all our luggage as we headed there for our spring break (so my kids could watch me compete, instead of going to Disneyland), I pulled up my mental britches and resolved to try for one of the few elusive walkon spots in the competition. All I can do is try, and at every step of this quest to compete I’ve thought about what lessons I can teach my boys, and I guess the lessons here are that (1) sometimes things don’t go your way despite your best efforts, and (2) even when things don’t go your way you give your best and exhaust all options if it’s important to you. So despite the long odds, I’ll be doing my best until the horn sounds, whether it is on the course or standing in line hoping for a miracle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646165525 James McDonald

    Never ever give up!

  • Frod Zx

    That’s awfull you didn’t get a guaranteed spot. On the other hand, that means American Ninja Warrior must have a really nice following in the US. I would love to see Ninja Warrior get the attention that other (more uh.. mind-numbing (from my point of view, please don’t take any offense anyone who reads this)) sports get.

    I really like the positive influence your providing your kids and the support your wife is able to provide for you in achieve this quest that you’ve set for yourself.

  • Arro

    It’s terrific, how you’re continuing to strive forward, even against the odds. Regardless if you get in or not, just remember how you’re inspiring so many to follow their own ambitions as best as they can. Go for it with gusto! It’s the only way to go!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks James.  I actually thought of you yesterday within 15 minutes of getting the bad news that I didn’t have an invite while I was emotionally reeling a bit.  I thought “James wouldn’t quit!” and then I resolved to do whatever I could to still get on and run that b*tch!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks man, I really appreciate that.  Just came from the course here in Dallas after rolling into town and seeing a number of my fellow ninjas.  Setting the alarm clock for very early to get there and try the walkon route!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, that means a lot…how I teach my kids and being the best father that I can to them is pretty much the most important thing in my life, so it is great to hear that.

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  • James Meadows

    and where do i go to sign up and get my chance to win??