Workin’ on the Video

In my quest to try to get any edge I can, I’m committed to getting my video in as early as possible.  I’m a big fan of early submission in any rolling application/review situation.  So tomorrow I hope to finish up my “action scenes” shots with my buddy Ron by traveling down to Albuquerque where there is a good outdoor fitness trail with a bunch of Ninja Warrior-esque stations like rings, bars, etc.

My video script is fairly simple.  It begins with a brief intro of myself chatting, talking about who I am and my long-time devotion to Ninja Warrior.  Then they’ll be a couple of short scenes where I say that being a father-of-three forces me to employ some unusual training methods, which will include doing pushups with a couple of kids on my back and maybe throwing them up in the air.  Pretty short though.  Then we’ll cut to the real action scenes, which will have about 6-10 different segments of me doing Ninja Warrior stuff, like climbing a rope-ladder hands-free, doing a big dyno on a climbing wall, swinging on rings, etc.  Unfortunately Santa Fe doesn’t have a lot of good stuff for me to use, but I hope what we’ll be able to put together will show my basic competence.  Then next weekend we’ll move into “post-production” for the video, where I try to figure out how to edit all the footage together!  I’ve never done it before, but I understand it is not too difficult using a platform like Windows Movie Maker.  When I finish up the video and submit it, I’ll post it here!


  • Chris Christensen

    Good. Can’t wait to see… I’ll put it in the ANW2 video entrys post once you put up a link.

    Good luck!